The Festival


Earthing the Spirit is a festival, a gathering, a feast. It  is inspired by the Bahai vision of the oneness of reality and that the earth is one country and human kind  its citizens. We will come together to explore spiritual, practical, intellectual and creative realities. There will be music, devotion,meditation, stories around fires, discussion about reality over tea, envisaging new futures,   learning of  skills and planing community enrichment activity. There will be spontaneous madness, calm inwardness, sweet bliss and happiness.
Each day will follow a rhythm; in the morning we will ‘breathe in' - explore spiritual realities, meditate, discuss world politics and try to strengthen our spirit and intellect by following workshops that will run throughout the week. In the afternoon we will ‘breathe out’ - express ourselves creatively through the arts and gather new skills. In the evening there will be story telling, ceilidhs, performances, astronomy and music, plus three delicious communal meals a day.  

The hope is that we can inspire each other as humans, and gain skills and insights that we can take back to our communities and everyday lives with energy and passion.
Every one is invited to contribute to creating this space in any way they feel is possible, from small gestures of love to spontaneous workshops on cheese production.  The festival site can only accommodate 100 people so please get in touch and book your place!