Travel Details


Trains and Buses:

Trains run frequently from Newcastle to Hexham and Carlisle to Hexham. Then get the no. 688 bus to Allendale, which can be caught from the bus stop right outside Hexham train station or the main bus stop in the town centre (ask for directions, people are nice).  We can pick you up from Allendale so let us know your estimated time of arrival and we will coordinate as many full car journeys to Burnlaw as possible.  (ring 07785102484/ 01434345359

For Allendale bus timetable please visit website below and click on the '688' pdf: 

Hitching from Hexhamtake the adventurous route and meet the lovely locals!

From the train station: walk left out of the station past the petrol station, bear right with the road. Go left at the round about and follow the road up past all of the shops until you come to some traffic lights with a pub called The Fox on the right, go left. Walk until there is a big junction on the left, stand on it, raise thumb. Ask for lifts to Allendale or Whitfield (Burnlaw is on the road between the two).  Once you get close ring someone and we’ll try and get to you, there are many sweet people who go out of there way to drop people off at Burnlaw.

Nontechnical Driving Directions:

Get to Hexham via the A69 (from Newcastle or Carlisle) head into town. Cross first roundabout, cross the river and get to the second roundabout (you will see a large waitrose sign) turn left and go pass the train station, and follow road up past 'Matthew Charlons' shop to another roundabout (you'll see the big hospital over to your left). Turn RIGHT at that roundabout and go through Hexham town and up the high street. Follow this road for a while, past the park, and past houses and more shops. Once the shops end you will come to a set of trafic lights with "The Fox" Pub on your right. Take the left turn for Allendale, this road will take you up and out onto the Northumberland moors. After about 15 minutes (12 miles) you will drive on a long decline down into a villiage called CATTON. Once passing through CATTON you will see a turning on the right (this will bypass going into Allendale) take the right (you will come down to a thin bridge this is good). Just up from the bridge you will come to a big junction with 5 options. Turn Right. The road will curl and climb up the valley again. You will pass through KEENLEY and see a phone box on the right. Keep going... on the next downward climb on the right is Burnlaw. Look out for festival signs too. Go down the leafy track and you'll see the tents at the bottom. You have arrived. Dump your stuff. expect to park back up top.

If you miss the right turn after CATTON you will end up in ALLENDALE. Once you reach ALLENDALE centre turn right (the Right after the COOP. You will then curl back round on yourself for a long time and be on the same road to Burnlaw as if by magic. Head through KEENLEY and follow the above.

If you get totally lost; ask a friendly person.

post code is NE47 8HF if you want to try to find soulless directions

If you get to Hexham try riging 07785102484/ 01434345359 to see if any one can give you a lift.