Burnlaw Centre:

The Centre, located on a beautiful organic farm in the North Pennines in Northumberland, has been the location for Earthing the Spirit since is was first established 10 years ago. The Centre itself is a community interest company which is entirely volunteer run by the farm residents whose interests range from Baha'i, Buddhist, environmental and co-operative thinking. Burnlaw is a fascinating and beautiful place so click on the link below to find out more:

Learn Devotional Songs:

Devotionals are an inspiring and integral part of Earthing the Spirit as they provide the opportunity for anyone to voice and express (whether through prayer, song, poetry etc) their personal spiritual and heartfelt inspiration. Many of these sacred and inspiring writings have been turned into songs, and for those who have been to the festival will know how passionately they are sung and just how good they are to sing! If you would like to learn how to play them then the following blog below has been created for this purpose. Enjoy.