Morning Workshops:

Parenting skills and bringing up beautiful children (Ken and Sabina Nagle)
This course is inspired by insights from the  Baha'i Revelation and  the Adlerian Psychologists Dreikur and Blumenthal.  It will present a practical, humane and intelligent approach to raising children and  explore strategies to deal with  the many and various  challenges  to cope with the worst and bring out   the best in our   children.
Ken and Sabina are themselves  parents of  six children!  They  have taught this course in many places over many years/

Knowing  thyself  and spiritual education (Penny Kemp and Elena Kerr)
This course is based on the insights of Lisa Millar author of 'The Spiritual Child' It considers the emerging big idea in psychology; the science and power of spirituality and the practical tool of  framing the word in terms of  virtues to grow our understanding and explore the purpose behind self awareness 
Penny and Elena have educational backgrounds and have been  formally  trained in the discipline of  using virtues in  education.

Walking to Awareness; silent walking and creativity (Tim Rubidge)
Silent walking has been used as a meditative discipline in many different cultures over the millennia. These sessions will use  different terrains  
and contexts to explore  insights into the environment and ourselves. Participants will be invited  to express their insights   in prose poetry pictures or discussion.
Tim is a  choreographer  and has led this course over a number of years at Earthing 

The Baha'i Revelation, vision, and shaping a wondrous world civilisation. (Garry Villiers-Stuart)
The Baha'i revelation is a continuation of a Mesopotamian tradition of innovative spirituality. It sees itself as growing a world civilisation from the inside. This course will explore its heart  vision, and explore how this vision can bring healing and wholeness to an increasingly fractured world

May Knowledge grow in our heart. (Kieran and Katie McSherry
The institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP) believes that the moral purpose of every human being is to develop their latent potentialities through efforts to develop their latent potentialities through efforts to contribute to the advancement of civilisation. At this crucial
juncture in history, the advancement of civilisation entails the construction of  global social order, based on a profound consciousness of the oneness of  humanity, in which justice is the central organising principal ad the well-being and prosperity of all peoples is pursued. On this course we will read texts from the ISPG, explore the ideas with  in them together and share and discuss ideas drawn from our own insights and experiences.

Junior Youth programme  (Laura Kater and Christo Wallers)

Children's classes
 4-7 years (Oran  Villiers-Stuart and Rosita Lytham)

8-10 years (Bernie Kerr and Astrid Brunn)

Steiner inspired parent and toddler group (Holly Clay)

Afternoon Activities will include

Poetry writing



Film making

Painting a giant mural

Ice sculpture


Death cafes

Story telling

Core energy management

Earthy mucking about on land and garden

Bread, sweets and truffle making.

Herbal walks and herbal wisdom.

 family sports

And more


Evenings… Fire, community and the creative joy of our being together in lots of different  ways.

"The real purpose of the cultivation of the limitless potentialities latent in human consciou
sness." - Baha'i International Community